Monday, May 21, 2012


the weather has soo been my friend lately!
it has encouraged some fun these past few days
including, but not limited to:
springfest at school and
cookie cake (my fave. yum!) to celebrate the beginning of the end of the school year
dinner and a movie with michael.
we ate at  p.f. changs
(his fave)
& saw what to expect when you're expecting
loved going to the movie, because we haven't been in
and, it was at a bar/restaurant.
so we sat and had a drink,
after we stuffed our faces,
had unlimited popcorn at our disposal
and the movie made us laugh
and I cried.
(there was some pretty heavy stuff, ok?!)
I had some girl time on Saturday
with my good friend, Kaitlyn
it was sooo nice to catch up
and relax and talk about all things
<I can only handle so many sports!>

On Sunday, I soaked up some rays while reading
the infamous
fifty shades of gray
(btw, whoa.)
finished by a brisk walk (3.5 miles, go me)
filled with sun and sweat
and a sunburn

now, back to the grind...

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