Saturday, January 29, 2011

any food is good food.

el zarape, wheaton IL. golden margarita.

my attempt at baking for the twelfth time. 
was finally a success.

chocolate chip cookie ball things.

even Mom liked em and she's hard to please! Crispy on the outside, chewy inside.

 Mike came in town for a visit, since he hasn't been here since Thanksgiving! 
So we decided for a date night in Lafayette Square... 
Here is what we stumbled upon
*square one brewery*
goat cheese artichoke spinach dip

Light Squared beer - satisfaction on a Friday night.

loved the atmosphere, we sat at the bar and ate beer battered onion rings, beer battered chicken fingers. and we drank beer. Are you sensing a theme here? We were at a brewery, why not.

...and just a little walk down the street to... Bailey's Chocolate Bar. 
I have heard great reviews and have been wanting to go. Who better to go with?!

Mike got a Unibroue Ephimere. A delicious wheat beer flavored with apple. 
Very good dessert beer, if there is such a thing. 
I know he really wanted to get one of the delicious martinis, but he wouldn't get caught using one of the glasses. boys!
Didn't stop me, of course:

I got the drink special of the night *tiramisu martini. perfect is an understatement.
and don't tell Mike, but I definitely saw him sneak a few sips from my glass ;)

after sharing some truffles:
Cinnamon apple bread pudding. delightful.

We aren't very picky eaters - Can you tell?
any food is good food. (well, almost)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Broken Heart

It's winter. The holiday season is over. There isn't much 'life' or excitement around. I think most folks are ready for flowers to bloom and color to surface again. Earlier today I think the words "I'm over the snow" came bursting out of my mouth. But I hadn't been taking pictures lately. Just here and there. So I decided to venture out. All 3 miles away from home. ;)
Creve Coeur Lake.
 I'm sure I've been before. But not recent or often enough to have remembered. 
"Its name, which means broken heart in French, comes from nearby Creve Coeur Lake. Legend has it that an Indian princess fell in love with a French fur trapper, but the love was not returned. According to the story, she then jumped from a ledge overlooking Creve Coeur Lake; the lake then formed itself into a broken heart."

 I enjoyed looking at the footprints, wondering where they lead to and why... Maybe I wasn't so "over" the snow?
On to another park LESS than 3 miles from home:
Faust Park Historic Village, Chesterfield MO.

Something about red against the stark white snow. stunning*

Don't you agree? heh hehe:

"around the house"

One of my favorite past times includes watching Wheel of Fortune with Sis. Hence the theme for this post...
...Unless, of course, your home is at grandma's.
I Spy... (a duck in the wine shelves?)

Sis' chair. You will find her sitting in this, and only this chair. Unless she is taking a snooze on the couch... from shopping, getting her hair done, getting her nails done, or hangin' with Jack.

Home Sweet Home.
(l haven't been up in the arch. 
Maybe someday. 
Not at all. 
don't plan on it, actually.)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

twenty eleven... and back to Chi City

after a trip to The Madhouse, on our way to celebrate the new year! 

but first things first. food. delicious food.

Ba Ba Reeba!!!

well hello, 2 thousand 11, nice to see you.