Thursday, August 2, 2012

dear summer

please don't go away.
i know we've battled the 100+ degree temps
but i love you
and flip flops

i have spent lots of my time this summer with little ones
and it just confirms how much i want to do it for the rest of my life.
so much so, that i spent loads of money on school supplies.
i am so excited to be a student come fall, 
and prepare myself for my

i've even started a little Ms. A bin
with stickers/posters/mini dry erase boards
walmart had 88 cent deals
and i was all over them!!!

DREADING going back to work at the high school in a few weeks
i'm sure i'll be a-o-k once i get back into the swing of things

until then i'll reminisce on the past few weeks...

(love love)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

i'm sexy and i know it

or do i?
wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle 

now, i know everyone has their own...
"self portrait"
i may see one thing
and someone else will see another
i realize i am not ginormous
i've gotten fairly "soft" these past few years.
working a 9-5er can really do some harm 
to your bod
especially when you

with a lil more time on my hands this summer
i have been trying to stay on track
cutting out soda
drinking more water
grilled chicken/not fried
no fast food
etc. etc.
not a diet, just better decisions.
{lifestyle seems to be the keyword around the blog.pinterest world}
and while i've been trending to do a bit better
i still fall off that wagon every so often

i want to be one of those people who likes to run
i'm getting there.
i think.
i've asked friends what kind of jams they listen to
i always thought i needed something with a beat
that keeps me pumped
but, if i want to last longer while running
and keep a consistent pace
i've realized that songs that i can sing-a-long to
are what's best for
i'm quite the "clicker." i tend to only listen to the first
45 seconds of a song
so i've been finding some
(mainly country)

have been leaning on a new
Couch to 5k

it's awesome!
i'm tempted to purchase the 1/2 marathon one
(baby steps ok?)
it's great because
i can run, and not have a timer!
--i've been told to do the whole 60 second run/90 second walk
but as terrible as it sounds
looking at the time every 20 seconds was
cutting it--
a lady's voice will chime in and
tell me when to
"start running"
"start walking"
"start your cool down"
i can play my playlist at the same time, too!

all things grand.
i swiped Just the Rules
by Tosca Reno
on Amazon for about $twelve

she recommended eating every 3 hours and
has all kinds of quick tips!

plain ol' oatmeal with fresh fruit
a dab of honey if you need it
(for breakfast)
so that's basically what i've been eating every morning
and it's not too shabby!
it keeps me full, and it's a great way to start the day

quite the wordy bird today, aren't i?

what's your lifestyle like?
do you have any jams that keep you going on a run?
what keeps you motivated??