Thursday, March 29, 2012

25 candles

It took me 25 years to eat one of these:
Needless to say, I'm not going to wait another 25 years to enjoy one, again.
(have you ever had a fried twinkie?)
to go along with the lucky theme of the month...
i have GOT to mention how thankful (lucky)
i am to have such good friends!

I have been able to catch up with many these past few days, and although it was fairly
to run around and see everyone
I am SO GLAD I did.
I had great conversations with each one of them
and it makes me a bit sad that I can't see them more often
but, at the same time, it makes me appreciate these friendships even more
since I have moved.

to think, 5 years ago, that I would be where I am today, I'd laugh.
But, at this point, I can't imagine being anywhere else.
For the first time, in a long time, I am extremely content with 
where I am
my job
my relationships
my new city
starting school in the fall,
and knowing where I'm headed.

I really don't think I could be any happier at this point.
I think 25 will be my best year, yet.
or, at least I hope it to make it that way.

so, in celebration of my birthday, 
I ask you to go to your nearest
Hamburger Mary's
(a new place, I was able to try with some best friends)
where they have
mouth watering
and sweet potato fries
AND they bring you your bill in a shoe
(if it's your birthday, they surprise you with a fried twinkie, too!)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

cookie dough.

Spring break 2012 has brought much happiness:
quality time with my family
celebrating one of my sisters' birthday.
hopscotch. 7&7s (aka 14s) bbq.
aunt marge taking LOTS of pictures
GREAT weather (sans allergies)
visiting with friends

and cookie dough ice cream

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday, March 25, 2012

new eats

I love this town.
the weather has been fabulous,
which means we get to walk to and from dinner.
Buuddd and I checked out a different place in town
Dave's Italian Kitchen
what a great way to celebrate 
hump day

and on our way back smell the sweet aroma from
Bennison's Bakery.
Unfortunately, they were closed
but we got to see the happenings in their cake shop.

see for yourself!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

on the road, from my iphone

they never get old to me.
and, it's a good thing 
because between living in the Chi
and my family&friends living in the Lou
there have been many of them
and MANY more, are sure to come.

the food is generally greasy
and fattening
so good, yet sooo bad.
the view can be boring:
corn and farms,
but i've learned to appreciate the openness
and quiet
and serenity
especially compared to the city noises

we stopped at the pink elephant
(i'm not sure if it's named the pink elephant,
but there is a MASSIVE one parked right out front,
so we'll just go with it)
an antique stop
it's a building that used to be an elementary school
it looks like a barn from the outside
there are old classrooms and a gym with a stage
all FILLED with old
SOMEONE likes to browse and thinks he's on one of those History Channel shows
ya know, American Pickers, or American Restoration?
he draws himself to the bud light, budweiser, baseball, coca-cola goods
he's my all american boy.

and he's the BEST part of the roadtrips.
he lets me sing loud and proud for 5 hours
and he is very patient when i change the songs after
30 seconds of playing.
we learn a LOT about each other on the road
we discuss
our greatest fears
our goals and dreams
our past
and our future

and trust me, my vocal chords take a break
especially when one of 'his' teams are playing.
ever listen to a game on the radio?

Friday, March 16, 2012

blue demons

I am super excited!
I have been officially accepted into the Teaching & Learning program at
DePaul University!
I will be Ms. Ahearn to many elementary school students in years to come, and I can NOT wait to get started!

It is Friday, and today the guy and I will be voyaging along I-55 to go home for
It's barely 9AM, and things are surely looking up!

can't wait to get some pics of family, friends, and the loads of fun we are about to have this weekend.


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

it's mi, again

it's ME again

a bit redundant, i know,
but i thought it would be fun
'cause it's lake michigan (mi)
and i just love lake michigan
and the weather
in the Chi-land area
has been fantastic!


I am honestly speechless for this post. 
i spotted these 'delicacies' right here
and immediately pinned them.

i checked my e-mail after about a half an hour, of the above mentioned pin.
and it got 22 repins!
and a few likes.

so, i'm thinking the general pinterest nation audience likes 'em
i have GOT to give 'em a go.
about 4 hours later, i found myself at the grocery store
those of you near, and dear to me know
i HIGHLY dislike the grocery store
but, luckily, i have my 
(keeping with the march theme here, just go with it)
lucky charm
(ya know, the guy)
because he actually likes the grocery store.

thus, i realized tonight we are quite fitting for each other...
i like to find recipes
he likes the grocery store
i like to mix things
he likes to taste test these things
i like to take photos of things

anndd back to the cookies!
i followed the recipe as best as i could
but i went for just about a cup of chocolate chips
instead of two.
i'm not a 'chocolatey' kinda girl
now, peanut butter, that's a whole different story
but i'm trying ease up on the PB
therefore, bringing me to these gems...

oreo pudding cookies:

p.s. i realize, i'm not THAT speechless.
i'm just not that kinda girl, either!

spread the smiles

you know that "life is good" company?
where they have jake as the stick figure logo?
<if you don't, just go to their website: lifeisgood (dot) com>
they have all kinds of cute sayings on t-shirts, mugs, and water bottles, and bags.
very fun, happy-go-lucky.
i've got a water bottle, i've got a tote bag
i've had a travel mug - which, of course, I lost
because i can never hold on to travel mugs, i think they do more 'traveling' than i do
(where am I going with this?)
well, a couple of years ago
one of my sisters and i went to a life is good shop
back home in wildwood, mo.
and i stumbled upon this stationery with the saying you see in the picture below,
"We shall never know all the good a simple smile can do."
i guess it wasn't stationery, totally.
it was a pad of paper with the saying written on the bottom.
i bought three pads of the paper
i still haven't used it all - after a few years
i want to use it, oh so badly, but
i don't want to run out!
i tried looking on the website, it seems they don't print it anymore.
but the more i think about it...
i can still spread the smiles,
and keep the paper for a special occasion.

i have plenty of students who walk in and out of my office
every day.
between exams, and tests, and homework and 8 hours of school
plus extracurriculars - they are quite busy.
some of these kids don't even have a lunch period because they choose to take let's say,
a science class, instead
(omg!? that's a whole different post.)
I figured, I can start the smiles right here, in my office
I found the 'take a smile' idea online and put my own twist to it.
i am so glad some of the students have taken on to my idea.

whether you are in an office, or traveling, a homemaker, retired, a student
go on out out there...
Spread the Smiles! Attitude is contagious!

note: my shamrock plant, some shamrock cutouts in the background? my curly girl calendar?
pretty safe to say i am starting to love this job.
this office area puts quite the pep in your step
and, i've already had people come to my office for a breather because 'there are nice people in it'
<i LOVE that>

plus, i am able to keep up with my blog
i mean, not really.
but kinda.

Monday, March 12, 2012

going green

it's march!
(i'm a bit late- but, what's new)
it's march!
and my FAVORITE holiday is JUST around the corner.
can't wait to go back home, and celebrate with the family.
another road trip in my future
with my favorite guy
and road trip food
and tunes.

p.s. how awesome is my boss? surprised me with a shamrock plant: