Sunday, February 19, 2012

E is Even more than anyone that you adore

stay tuned for this one ;)
this one goes out to my parents:
who have taught me EVERYTHING,
and still continue to do so...

this was a dance in high school
(Mom made that dress, awesome - I know.)

she doesn't recall when exactly this was taken.
either a little before, or a little after I was born.
But I love the look she's giving Dad.
I can only imagine what's going on in her head,
"Yeah, real funny Den..."

I feel like this picture could be the front of those funny greeting cards
with a text bubble on top of my mom's head
with a clever saying

we miss him every day. but between him and my mom they are true inspirations, to me and my siblings.
and because I am just now typing this in March - I figured I'd go along with the theme and say,
I am so LUCKY!

V is Very, Very extraordinary.

O is for the Only one I see


L is for the way way you Look at me

remember grandpa jack?
this is grandma sis

food.and.drink, lately.

epic burger.
 tom and eddie's
 bailey's range (pictures don't do this LGBT justice)
 fogo de chao (with my love)
 boozy root beer float (bailey's range)

lake mi

nothing more peaceful.

grandpa jack.

probably one of my favorite posts, thus far. 
i mean, who doesn't like m&ms and diet coke... or grandpa jack?