Tuesday, March 13, 2012

spread the smiles

you know that "life is good" company?
where they have jake as the stick figure logo?
<if you don't, just go to their website: lifeisgood (dot) com>
they have all kinds of cute sayings on t-shirts, mugs, and water bottles, and bags.
very fun, happy-go-lucky.
i've got a water bottle, i've got a tote bag
i've had a travel mug - which, of course, I lost
because i can never hold on to travel mugs, i think they do more 'traveling' than i do
(where am I going with this?)
well, a couple of years ago
one of my sisters and i went to a life is good shop
back home in wildwood, mo.
and i stumbled upon this stationery with the saying you see in the picture below,
"We shall never know all the good a simple smile can do."
i guess it wasn't stationery, totally.
it was a pad of paper with the saying written on the bottom.
i bought three pads of the paper
i still haven't used it all - after a few years
i want to use it, oh so badly, but
i don't want to run out!
i tried looking on the website, it seems they don't print it anymore.
but the more i think about it...
i can still spread the smiles,
and keep the paper for a special occasion.

i have plenty of students who walk in and out of my office
every day.
between exams, and tests, and homework and 8 hours of school
plus extracurriculars - they are quite busy.
some of these kids don't even have a lunch period because they choose to take let's say,
a science class, instead
(omg!? that's a whole different post.)
I figured, I can start the smiles right here, in my office
I found the 'take a smile' idea online and put my own twist to it.
i am so glad some of the students have taken on to my idea.

whether you are in an office, or traveling, a homemaker, retired, a student
go on out out there...
Spread the Smiles! Attitude is contagious!

note: my shamrock plant, some shamrock cutouts in the background? my curly girl calendar?
pretty safe to say i am starting to love this job.
this office area puts quite the pep in your step
and, i've already had people come to my office for a breather because 'there are nice people in it'
<i LOVE that>

plus, i am able to keep up with my blog
i mean, not really.
but kinda.

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