Tuesday, March 20, 2012

on the road, from my iphone

they never get old to me.
and, it's a good thing 
because between living in the Chi
and my family&friends living in the Lou
there have been many of them
and MANY more, are sure to come.

the food is generally greasy
and fattening
so good, yet sooo bad.
the view can be boring:
corn and farms,
but i've learned to appreciate the openness
and quiet
and serenity
especially compared to the city noises

we stopped at the pink elephant
(i'm not sure if it's named the pink elephant,
but there is a MASSIVE one parked right out front,
so we'll just go with it)
an antique stop
it's a building that used to be an elementary school
it looks like a barn from the outside
there are old classrooms and a gym with a stage
all FILLED with old
SOMEONE likes to browse and thinks he's on one of those History Channel shows
ya know, American Pickers, or American Restoration?
he draws himself to the bud light, budweiser, baseball, coca-cola goods
he's my all american boy.

and he's the BEST part of the roadtrips.
he lets me sing loud and proud for 5 hours
and he is very patient when i change the songs after
30 seconds of playing.
we learn a LOT about each other on the road
we discuss
our greatest fears
our goals and dreams
our past
and our future

and trust me, my vocal chords take a break
especially when one of 'his' teams are playing.
ever listen to a game on the radio?

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