Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I am honestly speechless for this post. 
i spotted these 'delicacies' right here
and immediately pinned them.

i checked my e-mail after about a half an hour, of the above mentioned pin.
and it got 22 repins!
and a few likes.

so, i'm thinking the general pinterest nation audience likes 'em
i have GOT to give 'em a go.
about 4 hours later, i found myself at the grocery store
those of you near, and dear to me know
i HIGHLY dislike the grocery store
but, luckily, i have my 
(keeping with the march theme here, just go with it)
lucky charm
(ya know, the guy)
because he actually likes the grocery store.

thus, i realized tonight we are quite fitting for each other...
i like to find recipes
he likes the grocery store
i like to mix things
he likes to taste test these things
i like to take photos of things

anndd back to the cookies!
i followed the recipe as best as i could
but i went for just about a cup of chocolate chips
instead of two.
i'm not a 'chocolatey' kinda girl
now, peanut butter, that's a whole different story
but i'm trying ease up on the PB
therefore, bringing me to these gems...

oreo pudding cookies:

p.s. i realize, i'm not THAT speechless.
i'm just not that kinda girl, either!

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