Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Love & Laughter

It has totally been a month since my last post.
While I wanted to make this post short,
I just couldn't.
Because it all goes hand in hand.

you ready?

Little did I know that TWO days after my most recent post I would be
can you hear me loud and clear, yet?


And, the crazy girl I am, I already had the
gown (yes, gown)
and photobooth

within two weeks.
WE are ready to rock for
APRIL 13TH, 2013
LOOK out folks!

Many people have wondered, how in the heck has she done that?
Besides the fact that I've been to near 40 weddings in my lifetime thus far,
(and, if you remember in past posts, I was semi-unemployed for the summer)
I had two weeks before I got back to work
and, boy, did I use those two weeks!

And, thankfully, I did.
While we were, and still are, jumping for joy...
we lost a member of our family.
Grandpa Jack.
He has been mentioned a few times in this here ol' blog
(the man with the diet coke and m&ms)
He and his wife, Sis, were my roomies for nearly 2 years before I fled
and moved myself back up here to the Chi.
While his passing wasn't a complete surprise,
our family was of course emotional.
The man who left a legacy of
10 children
22 grandchildren
and 3 great grandchildren (and counting!)
would (physically) be gone.

One of my uncles gave the Eulogy.
While I haven't been to many funerals
(lucky me)
it was probably the best Eulogy I will ever hear.
I'm not sure if it's because of my uncle's delivery
or if it was because it was about one of the best men I will ever know.
(actually, I am sure - it was both)

Uncle Larry mentioned the Love that Grandpa Jack had
for his wife
and children
and grandchildren
his friends
his siblings
and God.
He also mentioned the Laughter he brought to a room-
with his quick wit and side jokes.
These seem like pretty generic examples of a Eulogy
but this was Grandpa Jack.
He was truly the definition of
Love and Laughter
He lead by example.
As Uncle Larry said, he showed his sons to be good husbands and fathers
and he showed his daughters what to expect from a good husband and father.
This couldn't have come at a better time,
I believe the same for my future husband...
The laughter he brings to a room
and the love he gives to those around him.

I have two angels who have guided me on how to 'pick' a good one
Grandpa Jack
my dad
and I honestly feel they have left me with my very own angel
right here on Earth.
(lucky me)
{clue: my FIANCE}

Call me a bit 'hoaky' in this post,
but Grandpa Jack's funeral services
being around family
and being around my supportive
have left my eyes wide open
with another new perspective on life:
Love and Laughter

Cheers to Grandpa Jack.
Cheers to Love and Laughter

p.s. can you tell I like the word fiance?
p.p.s I will give you more details on the engagement, soon

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