Monday, April 9, 2012


I believe that every weekend, should have three days.
you just need that extra day to do NOTHING
or maybe something...
catch up on cleaning, errands etc.
my sister calls those "getshidunday"
it is FANTASTIC to work in schools for those.
I was lucky enough to be off for Good Friday
(happy belated Easter!)
and I was able to be off the week before
the WHOLE week before
for Spring Break.
I am SUPER appreciative.

In the meantime, thanks to my cousin Matt
we were able to enjoy a pleasant weathered Easter
at the ballpark
filled with beer and NACHOS
and a Cubs win.


(what is going on with me?!)
no worries:
i have not completely turned to the 'dark side'
i will forever be a Cardinals fan
and you bet your bottom dollar i proudly wear my red at the Cubs vs. Cards games
we they were playing the Nationals.
why wear Cardinals stuff when they weren't even playing
(do you hear me justifying myself?)
well, whatever
the Cubs won, and it was a GREAT afternoon.
and, ya gotta admit, Wrigley has a pretty awesome environment
I love that it's still 'old school'
there aren't crazy songs, tricks, and gimmicks on the jumbotron
it's all about
the game.

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