Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I could spend hours -
at hobby lobby.
I could spend the night there and find all kinds of things to make!
And thank goodness for Pinterest,
introducing a new majority of women to the blog world
which finds all of us stumbling upon DIYs
(those are my favorite categories on Pinterest)
I have been very quick to find, and try, recipes through blogs that I have known
and blogs that are new to me due to Pinterest.
Now, I can finally say I made the burlap rosettes, too!
They are so cheap to make.
The mason jars (love!) were half off at Hobby Lobby
and Burlap is $3/yd., or something like that
purchased some wire stem floral thingys
stone marble thingys
and wah la!!
new studio 809 decor.

as I was wandering up and down the aisles,
I saw those sticky/removable/wall decor design decals
and i just had to snatch the ones below.
I was nervous, though, because I am renting
and wasn't sure if they'd be a mess once I'm ready to leave
so I snagged some canvas (2 for 7.99)
<which, by the way, isn't normally cheap!>
One lovely fellow dweller at HL started talking to me about
her painting career and how canvas is making it difficult for her to make profit
oh, the life of a starving artist!
(cause, I know all about that)
good thing about these sticker decals is
now that I have 'em on the canvas
I can keep them for awhile.
they'll be great in a new place
or even a classroom :)
they weren't as in expensive as the burlap project,
but the longevity may a last a bit longer.

photos taken with my iPhone.
why I didn't grab my camera
is beyond me!
good grief.

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