Monday, July 30, 2012

no bakes

(i've decided to not even apologize anymore. 
please just consider it understood.
that i will not be consistent with this blog. 
at least not in the very near future.)

i don't know about you, but when people say 'no bake' cookies
i think to myself

no way in heck can these no bake, magic, wonders be good
i have yet to come across a 'no bake' concoction that is in fact

BUT, most recently on one of my pinterest obsessive sprees i came across this blogger's

i'm not sure what drew me to it. maybe it was the white sandwich cookies?
maybe cause there are only a handful of ingredients?

welp, while my 'no bakers' are firming, 
i decided to keep you informed.

i stopped by walmart
picked up just under $ten worth of ingredients 
and got to
(no) baking:

i went for the $one golden oreo knock offs
i may step up my game next time, BUT

to make up for it,
i fudged her recipe a little.
i went for ghirardelli white chocolate chips instead of choppin
up a white chocolate bar
(that lazy? yes.)
(getting confused between almond bark vanilla and white chocolate bars?
hell to the yes.)
i have NO shame, i am FAR from an experienced

talk about fudging a recipe.
there was absolutely no hint, nothing similar to even slightly mentioning 
peanut butter in that recipe
but who 
peanut butter?
so, yeah, you see that on the left side of that photo above?
now, look below.

just couldn't help myself, k?

approx. four minutes left of 'firming!'

then, i'll be off to do my couch to 5k.
that calls for a completely different post.

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