Friday, June 1, 2012

glad text friday?

meh. totally been bailin on the glad text business
not that i'm not glad
better late than never.

I have only known one set of grandparents -
My mom's parents.
My dad's parents passed away by the time HE was 6
(I know, right?)
well, anywho...
my mom and her siblings are having a shindig
for my grandma's 80th (!) bday
but, the modest lady she is,
she doesn't really, totally, want it to be all about her birthday

Wellll, one of my aunts came up with a great idea to document
80 Reasons to Love Sis
after many emails, texts, and fb messages we are just about there!
It has been fabulous to recall fond memories of grandma sis
which therefore leads to funny ones about grandpa jack, too.
I have the GREATEST grandparents a girl could ask for
they open their home to their 10 children, their spouses
and their grandchildren,
who they absolutely adore.
I am very excited that Mike is able to drive me down to the Lou
to celebrate
even if it is only from Saturday - Sunday
I can't wait to take pics of my family and share them with you!

a recent glad text post mentioned music
i love it. all kinds of it.
especially listening to it in my car
on CDs.
I still LOVE CDs.
I do not have an iPod
although, I do have music on my phone
(If I read this 10 years ago, I'd be like what? music on the phone?)
but I just love the tangible part
about playing music via CDs.
one of my friends from college
teased me a few years ago about my insane amount of disks
that I have piled up in a case,
in the console,
underneath the player itself,
on the floor,
in thr trunk,
and most of them look like the one below.
random mix CDs.
friends would burn them in high school and college
and say this song reminds me of you
and this song reminds me of that time when we did this
and that time we went there...

I am in awe of the talented kids I have seen just since October
when I began working at this school.
the seniors have already had their last day
and I'm a bit sad, cause it was my first senior class.
not that I teach them,
but I do interact with plenty of them on a day-to-day basis
they had their AP Art Show, where they display their art
fashion, paintings, drawings, designs
and I just
this display.
I am so happy for these kids
and that they are able to showcase their talent

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