Sunday, February 19, 2012

E is Even more than anyone that you adore

stay tuned for this one ;)
this one goes out to my parents:
who have taught me EVERYTHING,
and still continue to do so...

this was a dance in high school
(Mom made that dress, awesome - I know.)

she doesn't recall when exactly this was taken.
either a little before, or a little after I was born.
But I love the look she's giving Dad.
I can only imagine what's going on in her head,
"Yeah, real funny Den..."

I feel like this picture could be the front of those funny greeting cards
with a text bubble on top of my mom's head
with a clever saying

we miss him every day. but between him and my mom they are true inspirations, to me and my siblings.
and because I am just now typing this in March - I figured I'd go along with the theme and say,
I am so LUCKY!

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