Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm a bit sad about summer ending. 
The sun sets a bit sooner, no more pool days to enjoy, with the smells of sunscreen, no more flip flops, no more patio drinks, no more sun kissed skin, and flowers will begin to wilt, but until then...

Now, on the other hand, I am super excited about the Fall season. (A personal favorite.)
Hoodies, fiery leaves, football and friday night lights, chili, Thanksgiving, school is back in session 
<to some school is a downer, for me, it's a sense of energy. Note: This feeling is subject to change>

I haven't had my camera too long, and I am still getting the swing of things. My good ol' Rebel hasn't seen Fall in St. Louis, and I'm certainly looking forward to learning more about this gadget throughout the season...
Stay tuned.

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