Wednesday, December 8, 2010

tuggin' my sleeve, Chicago is...

"Why I just grin like a clown, It's my kind of town..." Now join with me! "My kind of town Chicago is, My kind of people, too, people who smile-" ok, ok. I couldn't help myself!
One of my favorite past times: working on jigsaw puzzles with Mike. It snowed the previous night, therefore I wasn't able to kick his you know what in horse.
mmm getting ready to feast. The beginning of our homemade pizza

I was taken to the Morton Arboretum where I could test my new toy a little further. These are very few of the results. Didn't want to bore you with the "snow on tree" theme.
**See "tis the season" for 2 BONUS winter pics ;)

And to top off the weekend: Root Beer Floats!!!

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